Tuesday, May 1, 2018


About Us

ØOne of the oldest Departments of University established in 1959
ØResearch based department with its Legacy of distinguished scholars and Teachers consistently contributing to the cause of Urdu language and literature
ØEmphasis on the study of the classical literature with equal stress on teaching of modern literature reflected from the syllabi
ØPG Diploma in Paleography is taught only in this department in India.
ØCertificate, Diploma and Advance Diploma in Urdu are a popular courses of the Department.
ØProfessional input through PG Diploma in Mass Media in Urdu. Some pass outs secured jobs with media channels and other agencies in the recent past.
ØThe Department regularly organizes students' seminars where both students and teachers interact on the given themes.


 Prof. N.M. Kamal

Department of Urdu, 
Room No. 83, Faculty of Arts,
University of Delhi,




For details download Department profile from here

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